Fortuna Automat Bun Rounder

Designed to be the most consistent and simple to use automatic bun rounder on the market, the Fortuna Automat is the number one choice of bakers around the world.

Key Features

  • Extremely sturdy and stable design
  • High output capacity
  • The Fortuna Automat is put into operation by an engaging lever which can be activated with only one hand.
  • By adjusting the mould pressure all types of dough, whether soft or firm, young or aged, can be divided with accurately applied pressure.
  • Perfect moulding results
  • Possible to simply divide dough by disengaging moulding process
  • Includes 3 Rounding Boards
  • On wheels
  • Available in a variety of models with varying Weight Ranges

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Product: Fortuna Automat Bun Rounder
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