Flour Power

There is mixing and then there is mixing. Something that can seem so simple actually has more technology and innovation behind it than you might think. Cutting mixing times, power usage and increasing dough quality however, well that’s just what Escher do.

Escher Mixers specialise in the production of mixing machinery for the bakery and pastry-making sectors.
Over the years they have gained specialised knowledge that has allowed them to develop machines and solutions to meet the needs of a variety of clients and different types of markets.

Today they boast a complete range, with numerous models enhanced by an extensive list of accessories capable of covering all the needs of both artisans and industry. Escher’s range of machines are renowned for their sturdiness, durability, accurate finishes and of course for the quality of the dough they produce.

From small to large, industrial to boutique, Escher have developed and created the perfect solution for you.

To celebrate the ‘Power to Flour’, contact your Vanrooy representative or our head office to find out our special once off promotion. You can also come down to the Vanrooy Test Kitchen to test our flour power for yourself, we’ll provide everything you need.

Here’s to power!


Tekno Range
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