E-MAC Professional Table Top Ravioli Machine

Want to make and extrude fresh Ravioli all in one machine in your business or commercial application? The E-Mac Professional Table Top Ravioli machine combines innovation and tradition for you to utilise whole ingredients and at the click of a button, to create incredible high quality ravioli in a matter of minutes.

Key Features

  • Can produce different shapes of ravioli such as squared ravioli, triangular, round & semi circle
  • Two sheets of pasta are fed through the machine at once
  • Can fill the pasta sheets with different types of fillings, such as meat, ricotta & spinach and other vegetables
  • Thickness of the pasta sheets can be easily adjusted with the calibrating rollers
  • Interchangeable moulds that come in various shapes and sizes
  • Single phase power
  • Perfect for a small restaurant, gastronomy or laboratory
  • Free standing unit
  • Produces 20-25kg of Ravioli an hour
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Simple to clean
  • Made in Italy

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Product: E-MAC Professional Table Top Ravioli Machine
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