E-MAC Professional Automatic Ravioli Machines – RS Range

The E-Mac Professional Automatic Ravioli machines combine innovation and tradition for you to utilise whole ingredients and at the click of a button, to create incredible high quality ravioli in a matter of minutes.

Key Features

  • Suited to the production of already separated Ravioli
  • Wide range of ravioli moulds to chose from, such as triangular, fish, mushroom, flower, heart etc)
  • The quantity of the filling can be adjusted whilst the machine is running
  • Machine is fitted with a fully automatic conveyor belt to transport finished product to crates, baskets etc.
  • Machine is also fitted with a Shaping system, an innovative function that perfectly seals the ravioli sheets together
  • Filling supply system is a system specifically designed for soft fillings
  • Comes in three different sizes/models – RS120, RS160 & RS 260
  • RS range is suited to restaurants & business’s producing large amounts of Ravioli an hour
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Simple to clean
  • Thickness of pasta sheets can be easily adjusted with the calibrating rollers
  • Flour remover, waste recovery system & automatic pasta cutter are options that can be added on to your machine

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Product: E-MAC Professional Automatic Ravioli Machines – RS Range
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