E-Mac Combined Pasta Machine – Magnifica 160

The Magnifica 160 is the patented model of the Magnifica range. The Magnifica 160 operates in a complete cold state which leaves the temperature of the egg unaltered. This machine is suited to the production of pasta sheets, long pasta and ravioli.

Key Features

  • Designed to create a variety of pasta from whole ingredients
  • For a business look to create a range of pasta with high output and variability
  • Features a 20kg mixing tank
  • Fitted with an automatic sheeter to produce pasta sheets
  • Automatic ravioli machine
  • Automatic dough cutter for the production of pasta sheets for lasagne, cannelloni, hand closed ravioli etc.
  • Produces 30-50kg of Pasta an hour
  • Produces 60-80kg of Ravioli an hour
  • Works entirely in a cold state to ensure egg is not altered
  • Freestanding unit
  • Made in Italy

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Product: E-Mac Combined Pasta Machine – Magnifica 160
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