Conical Rounder Type R – Adjustable

The Merand Conical Vario Type R Rounder has been specifically designed for pre-rounding a range of dough types to ensure consistency in your production.

Key Features

  • Particularly suitable for firm doughs and for pre-rounding dough balls
  • Production speed of approximately 3000 dough pieces/hour
  • Equiped for dough weights between 50-1800 grams
  • Perfect rounding
  • Simple to use and operate
  • Adjustable canal settings allow for greater flexibility
  • Cone bell in anti-corroding aluminium with Teflon
  • Fixed Teflon coated channels
  • Belt drive
  • Mechanic brush type flour device with adjustable flow rate
  • Machine on castors with locking system
  • Can be connected to an automatic divider to round dough pieces before loading into the intermediate proofer

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Product: Conical Rounder Type R – Adjustable
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