Cleanbake Cloth for Tilting Pans

Meet your new baking essential: Cleanbake! Cleanbake cloth for Tilting Pans & Proofer Liners is not only custom-made in Germany, it’s also reusable, environmentally friendly, cost effective and non-stick.

Key Features

  • Cleanbake’s innovative non-stick coated cloth material is leading a new wave of anti-microbial technology in the bakery sector
  • Cloths for long tilting devices ensure fast setting of dough pieces without the need to use flour
  • Cloths for Short Tilting Devices ensure easy changing and handling for one-man operation thanks to various fastening options and Cleanbake’s non-stick coating
  • Cloths for Deck Oven Tilting Device ensures no residue is left on the cloth and is ideal for baking conventional bread rolls
  • Inhibition of rot and mildew
  • Coating with pearling effect
  • Water and oil repellent
  • No flour dusting necessary
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased cleanliness during process
  • No baker’s asthma
  • Low washing temperatures and extended useful life
  • Food authenticity in compliance with Art. 31 LFGB
  • Easy cleaning

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Product: Cleanbake Cloth for Tilting Pans
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