Chocolate World Spraying Cabinet

The Chocolate World spraying cabinet is designed for consistency and cleanliness in mind. It allows the user to block the chocolate spray and oil mist from spreading anywhere else in the workplace creating a cleaner, professional and consistent end product.

Key Features

  • Manufactured completely in stainless steel, this spraying cabinet is equipped with a powerful ventilation system and a self cleaning filter. (No extra ventilation holes in the wall necessary)
  • In the back of the cabinet there is a removable easy-clean spraying panel and collection tray.
  • This cabinet can be closed with two turning doors. A retractable panel at the bottom of the cabinet can
  • be used as an extra tray or screen against staining.
  • External dimensions: 955 mm x 655 mm x 1045 mm
  • Internal dimensions: 870 mm x 530 mm / 310 mm x 620 mm
  • Not included: spray gun and compressor
  • Optional stand can be ordered, stainless steel frame, in conformance with professional kitchen standards. Frame rests on PVC feet.
  • Dimensions: 955 mm x 610 mm x 900 mm
  • 6 x 2 tray holders, 415 mm x 600 mm

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Product: Chocolate World Spraying Cabinet
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