BRX Vista Pozzetti Display Case

Designed with trademark technology, duel purpose usability and eye catching aesthetics, the BRX range of Italian made gelato and pastry pozzetti display cases will be at the forefront of any shop design.

Key Features

  • Gelato and pastry display case without lids to showcase the gelato flavours
  • Trademark glycol and ventilated cooling technology
  • The only display case that can be used in all seasons
  • Utilise the technology to display pastry and gelato all year round
  • Place carapina pans in a lower position, restore lids and the glycol will preserve the gelato over night
  • Eliminate storage freezers for carapina pans with this 24/7 system
  • Store up to 20 flavours of gelato
  • Large range of size and configurations available
  • Store gelato underneath whilst you display pastry
  • Simple to use and operate
  • Forefront of any shop design
  • Available in a range of external finishes
  • Click the brochure to explore the sizes and models

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Product: BRX Vista Pozzetti Display Case
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