Bravo Patamix Choux

Bravo Patamix Choux

The Bravo Patamix has been specifically designed and developed utilising the latest technology exclusively for the preparation of Choux pastry

Key features

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  • Designed and developed exclusively for Choux pastry
  • Features 2 automatic programs with a traditional method & Christophe Adam’s recipes
  • Innovative mixing system with combined motion of fixed and mobile parts
  • The high-performance Patamix technology allows professional pastry chefs to work according to their needs
  • half-load working mode function with consecutive cycles and no need to clean machine between each cycle
  • No water consumption for cooling
  • Stainless steel upper grille for sifting flour
  • Create amazing Beignets, Eclairs and Profiteroles
  • Working cycle takes about one hour and yields 50 Kg of product

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