Bravo Mixcream Cream Cooker

The Bravo Mixcream utilises its Sail Blade and patented technology to produce beautifully soft and smooth creams with no lumps.

Key Features

  • Sail blade allows the production of extremely soft and smooth creams with no lumps
  • The scraper collects the residual cream from the tank wall and puts it in circulation again for further refining
  • Smart cooling system utilising split tank in 2 sections
  • Different programs for different cream types
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Automatic cream heating system
  • Timed water supply system for cleaning
  • Multiple stirrer speeds INVERTER* (special device patented by Bravo the allows the automatic charge of the stirrer speed)
  • Mixcream can be used as a pasteuriser
  • The tank can work at half capacity for a remarkable energy saving
  • 3 different cream preservation modes in accordance with the chosen program
  • 3 models – 18, 36, 56 litres

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Product: Bravo Mixcream Cream Cooker
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