Bravo G20 Countertop Batch Freezer

The Bravo G20 Countertop batch freezer is a compact and efficient unit that utilises its simple to use functionality and air condensation system for amazing results.

Key Features

  • Gelato or ice-cream batches produced in a very short time
  • Easy to use, the machine is exceptionally functional
  • Compact size, only 0,25 m2
  • Electronic control of working cycle through temperatures
  • Direct temperature detection with a probe in contact with the mix
  • Easy and practical to clean
  • Charging hopper allows for a fast charge of the mix, flavors and other ingredients
  • Front door made in Makrolon®  (special thermal insulating material)
  • Two blade stainless steel mixer with interchangeable scrapers
  • Quick and easy gelato extraction
  • Acoustic signal tells you when gelato is ready

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Product: Bravo G20 Countertop Batch Freezer
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