Bralyx New Lily 4.0

The new Lily 4.0 by Bralyx is forming and encrusting machine designed specifically to consistently batter and bread your products with greater speed.

Key Features

  • The machine features battering and breading units
  • The transport system of the products is formed by two conveyors. One is for liquid phase the other is for dry phase. The product enters at the tank of liquid, where the bath/ is made by immersion and it is transported to the tank of flour for the final layer
  • Simple and user friendly controls
  • Driven by one engine, the conveyors have adjustable speed
  • There is no need to interrupt the operation in order to add flour or batter to the machine
  • Fingers in plastic, which ensures that the product is covered by all
  • It only needs one person to remove the products and arrange them in a storage tray. It is possible for the product to directly enter a frying machine or a freezing tunnel
  • The machine is provided with supports that cause a vibration on the conveyor in order to retain the excess flour from the products
  • Easy to clean and to assemble and disassemble

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Product: Bralyx New Lily 4.0
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