Bralyx Maxiform Lily 3.0

The new Lily 3.0 by Bralyx is forming and encrusting machine designed specifically to consistently batter and bread your products with greater speed and freedom.

Key Features

  • Forming and filling range designed to make sweet or savoury products with or without fillings
  • Ideal for the production of ethnic foods or products in a variety of shapes
  • Retractable conveyer belt
  • Precision filling
  • These products can easily be baked or fried following forming and filling
  • Easy access for cleaning and disassembly
  • Simple to use control panel
  • Sits on a bench top or desired work space
  • Easy feed hopper
  • Hourly production of 3000 pieces 30g & 500 pieces 180g
  • Product size: from 7g to 180g

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Product: Bralyx Maxiform Lily 3.0
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