Bakon Nano Ultrasonic Cutter

Designed specifically to produce the best cutting results imaginable, the Nano Ultrasonic Cutter by Bakon utilises their absolute latest in technology to cut and slice small to mid-size confectioneries, with absolute precision and consistency.

Key Features

  • Cut entire slabs in seconds with maximum precision
  • Fast and precise due to its unique servo technology
  • Titanium cutting blade of 180 mm
  • Full colour LCD touchscreen with many settings, functions & capacities
  • Set your own cutting pattern with a function on the touch screen
  • Suitable for cake & savoury products – round or square, fresh or frozen
  • Safety Light Curtain System prevents access to the cutting area when the machine is in operation
  • Suitable for range of products, like smaller ‘one-bite’ products all the way up to family size portions
  • Movable on 2 swivel and 2 fixed casters
  • Product trays up to 400 x 600 mm
  • Minimise product wastage & off cuts
  • Available with several options to meet your needs & cutting capacities

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Product: Bakon Nano Ultrasonic Cutter
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