Bakon Cakeline

For an efficient production of round and square cakes,  the modular built and mainly digitally controlled Cakeline by Bakon fits everyone’s list of demands.

Key Features

  • Designed for the high volume production of round or square cakes
  • Modular design for customisable solutions
  • Available with a syrup sprayer, Multi-Depositor or Gearwheel Depositor, Transfer Pump and Pressing Unit
  • Central operation control panel
  • Output capacity of 360 cakes per hour
  • Standard with cord conveyor
  • Built with A-quality materials for high-volume production
  • The production line is available as a ‘standard’ production line and as a custom-built total solution
  • Fast and precise depositing is done with the Bakon BD9 or Gearwheel depositor
  • The Bakon BD9 together with the Incline Cake Decorator is perfect for the exact masking of round products
  • The combination with pouring and/or glaze spraying machine(s) is possible
  • Extendable with a finishing line with four, six, eight or more working tables

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Product: Bakon Cakeline
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