Agriflex FLN Levain Machine

Agriflex FLN Levain Machine

The FLN is a fully automatic fermenter that reduces environmental variability for the production of natural liquid yeast.

Key features

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  • Fully stainless steel construction AISI304
  • Fluid refrigeration group, environmentally friendly (compressor evaporator-air condenser) controlled by pH regulator/measurer (automatic compressor)
  • Fully automatic system to control fermentation cycle with touch panel
  • Heat pump to regulate the temperature (cooling and heating)
  • Washing system with shower head
  • Supported by lockable swivel wheels for easy movement
  • Highly reliable pH sensor
  • Electro agitators with blade and scraper
  • Two outlets: one for production use and the other for total discharge when cleaning.
  • Available in units with a capacity of 80 litres to 600 litres

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