It’s easy being green with Little Sky Gelato

Little Sky Gelateria are the new kids on the block, but they aren’t your average gelato store. Their soul focus is operating as a sustainable and environmentally friendly business, whilst producing delicious gelato from all-natural ingredients.

All their delightful ingredients are sourced locally and you can even lend a helping hand. Give a bucket of home-grown lemons and you receive a scoop of lemon sorbet in return.

All of Little Sky’s gelato is served in reusable bowls and spoons, they even offer a $6 reusable take away container you can keep bringing back to refill or simply return for your money back. Max is a strong believer in sustainability and encourages all of his customers to eat in and enjoy the experience if they can. Eating in allows Little Sky to use reusable bowls where possible and cut down on recycled paper cup wastage, however if you are on the go, Max is of course using the most environmental options available or eat your delicious gelato in one of his house made waffle cones.

Just to add to the over all wow factor of little sky, all leftover cut offs from fruit used for production is put into an in-house composter. Pretty fantastic, right? We think so to.

Based in Bay street Brighton, Little Sky’s shop front is sure to grab your attention. The new premises is beautifully designed with a sleek, modern and welcoming interior complete with our state of the art equipment. From blast freezers to food processing, this gelateria has it all. Icetech, Gemm refrigeration, Smeg & Qbo all play a part in the production of the superb gelato on offer at this new establishment.

The brains behind Little Sky Gelateria is the marvellous Max Shatkhin. Max opened his eyes to the possibilities in gelato and the potential flavours you can create with the right guidance. After attending some very specialised training in the native land of gelato (Italy), Max acquired all the right knowledge and expertise to guarantee the gelato at Little Sky is authentic and as close as you can get to the real thing (if not better we think), without buying a plane fare to Italia. This gelateria caters for all dietary needs, you can find dairy-free and vegan flavours to satisfy everyone’s gelato cravings.

Vanrooy is incredibly grateful and excited to be on board with Little Sky, with a passion for looking after the environment and producing some of the finest gelato around, we know this gelateria will go far as “Little Sky is bigger than gelato. It’s about being the change we want to see in our world.”


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