MyChef QUICK 1T High Speed Oven

Introducing QUICK  by MyChef. A High-Speed Oven designed to carry out simple and fast cooking in seconds or minutes.  Designed for bakery’s, cafes, service stations, food trucks or any hospitality business, the MyChef QUICK oven uses cyclonic air technology and convection heat, preventing the need for microwave and keeping your food looking fresh and crisp.

Key Features

  • The all new award winning QUICK by Mychef is here
  • Did you know MyChef QUICK does not use microwave?
  • Convection and impingement cyclonic air technology powerfully but gently fills the oven from the top and sides
  • Keep products fresh, crisp and as they were intended, think your commercial oven in seconds
  • Cold to touch exterior
  • Compact and stackable design for reduced spaces
  • Designed for bars, cafes, service stations, beach bars, food trucks and more
  • Customisable 6.8inch touchscreen that stores up to 1024 recipes
  • Routine Scheduler allows the user to program the switch-on time and and switch-off time
  • Simultaneous cooking for fast results
  • Easy to clean with removable interior and cleaning cycle
  • Temperature settings from 100ºC to 275ºC in 1ºC steps
  • Made in Spain
  • No ventilation or canopy required
  • Internal capacity 310 x 310 x 138 mm
  • Dimensions: 397 mm (w) x 629 mm (d) x 410 mm (h)
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Power: 15amp single phase plug
  • Accessories for your MyChef available

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Product: MyChef QUICK 1T High Speed Oven
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