Bakon Compact Ultrasonic Cutter

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Short Description

Designed specifically to produce the best cutting results imaginable, the Compact Ultrasonic Cutter by Bakon utilises the absolute latest in technology to cut and slice rectangular or round products with precision and consistency.

Discover the latest Compact Ultrasonic Cutter. Designed for the cutting and slicing of rectangular and round products and very suitable for smaller and medium sized companies. This precision bakery machine is equipped with a ultrasonic system with high-quality titanium blades that is specially developed by Bakon to accomplish the best cutting results.

The optional new cleaning unit provided with UV-C-light takes care of cleaning and disinfection. This means safe and automatic cleaning of the blades without interruption of the slicing process. Beautiful shaped products, less cutting waste, safe cleaning and more profit. Experience it all with the Compact Ultrasonic Cutter

Key features

  • Fast and precise because of unique servo technology.
  • Advanced software to set product parameters using icons on the touch screen.
  • Set your own cutting pattern (also on the touch screen).
  • A high quality safety system prevents access of the cutting area during operation.
  • For round and rectangular products; both fresh and deep frozen.
  • Possible to cut products in or out of the baking trays, blisters and cartons.
  • Equipped with an internet modem for worldwide online support.
  • The BAKON Ultrasonic cutting machines are used in many sectors (e.g. bakery, confectionery, butchery, cheese industry and catering).
  • Movable on 2 swivel and 2 fixed wheels.
  • For your convenience available in your own language.
  • Available for both European as well as other sizes trays and mould.

Brochure (Bakon_Slicers_15-037-A4-boekje-snijmachine-ENG-site.pdf, 1,373 Kb) [Download]