Minos 9 One Shot with 3D Movement

Minos 9 One Shot with 3D Movement

Minos 9 with 3D movement is designed as a One shot depositor for the production of centre filled chocolate products.

Key features

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  • The 3D feature will add an extra dimension to the belt of the depositor, so that it will get a 2-axis movement.
  • This will make the depositor suitable for decorating purposes with chocolate.
  • The touch screen interface gets a new version of the Hacos Chococad software, which will enable you to make designs in a very easy way, using the depositor screen or even an external PC.
  • The 3D feature can be retrofitted to most MINOS 2D versions.
  • The 3D feature makes the MINOS the most versatile machine for modern chocolatiers.

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