Merand Intermediate Proovers

Merand Intermediate Proovers

Machine allowing a rest of the dough pieces, with automatic loading from a weighing divider and automatic output to a moulder.

Key features

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  • After division, the employee lets the dough pieces rest manually in the manual proofer.
  • After the resting time (chosen by the employee), he puts the dough pieces into the moulder.
  • Thanks to its Nyltex’s gutters and also with its cleaning pack (UV Lamps + Air extractors), MERAND’s manual Proofer helps you maintain good hygiene.
  • The operator doesn’t have to handle the trays and dough pieces are sheltered from draughts.
  • The MERAND manual proofers range holds 6 models, fitting all dough pieces quantities and dough weight needs.
  • An extra rounding bench with a felt can be added.

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