Frigo Gelo Gelato Display Unit – Misura

Frigo Gelo Gelato Display Unit – Misura

Frigo Gelo's Gelato display units are an electronically controlled, modern display units available in custom designs and specifications.

Key features

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  • Show-case of revolutionary and modern design with technical characteristics with Maxi ventilation that guarantees the perfect preservation of gelato
  • Regulation and electronic control of the temperature from –25°C to+4°C
  • Humidity control system to assure high performances in all environmental conditions
  • Electronic control board with digital thermometer and thermostat, programmable electronic defrosting
  • Double ventilated evaporator and semi-hermetic compressor
  • Automatic reverse cycle defrosting and automatic evaporation of condensed water
  • Enbloc body environment-friendly foamed polyurethane insulation. Internal and external stainless steel covering
  • Display has Tempered front glasses with downward opening and special system to avoid steaming
  • Rear closure with plexi sliding doors
  • LED lighting on top of unit and on shelves for greater view of the product on display and a consequent low power consumption
  • Design studied to permit the complete view of gelato also from the top of the display without any visual obstacle
  • Available in different units to allow numerous configurations to suit any floor area

Misura Display units are also available for the display of Truffles, Cakes and Pastries

Unit 6+6 9+9 12+12 ANGLE 45°
Number of Basins (36×16.5) 12 18 24 12
Working temperature +4°C/-25°C +4°C/-25°C +4°C/-25°C +4°C/-25°C
Absorbed Power Kw. 1,45 1,8 2,8 1,8
Electric Supply 400V 50Hz 1Ph 400V 50Hz 1Ph 400V 50Hz 1Ph 400V 50Hz 1Ph
Defrosting system Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Dimensions (mm) 1090x1145x1200 1615x1145x1200 2140x1145x1200

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