Roboqbo Universal Processing System - AeroQbo Whipping Tool

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Short Description

Designed to work in conjunction with the RoboQbo, the AeroQbo utilises innovative technology to incorporate multiple functions into one delicate production process able to produce amazing light, fluffy and consistent results.

The AeroQbo is a special instrument that incorporates air, modified atmosphere and CO2 in special, delicate production processes. Made of Aisi 316 stainless steel, it is designed to be used in conjunction with the Qbo - Universal Processing System series. AeroQbo makes products that have a soft and foamy consistency, and are uniformly amalgamated thanks to its particular construction design and newly-developed technical solutions.

Key features

  • Operation processes in airtight environments
  • Possibility of internal atmosphere
  • High volume increase
  • Possibility of cooking with Qbo technology
  • Temperature control during the working cycle
  • With Aeroqbo, it is possible to make Marshmallows with perfectly ventilated, soft and foamy structures.
  • It is ideal for all recipes in which it is essential to incorporate air during the production process in a perfectly homogeneous way.

Roboqbo AeroQbo (Roboqbo_AeroQbo_ENG.pdf, 138 Kb) [Download]