Tekno Stamap Croymat 3000 Automatic Croissant Machine

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Short Description

The Tekno Stamap Croymat is a specifically designed croissant machine that is able to produce large quantities of croissants with incredible consistency.

The latest by Tekno Stamp, the Croymat uses technology found in all of the big lines for the automated production of croissants from 12 to 150 grams of weight.

Key features

  • It calibrates the dough to the required thickness and joins it eliminating wastes.
  • Rolling-up unit: the adjustment of the lower and upper calibrating cylinders allows to modify the number of dough rollings. The rolling consistency is adjusted by closing or opening of the belts to obtain any type of rolled product. Thanks to the rolling up belts easily removable, cleaning can be quickly done.
  • Cutting device: it cuts dough in two stages avoiding sticking onto the cutter. The differentiated speed of the belts allows a regular conveyance of dough triangles to the rolling up unit. The cutting rollers can be replaced in few seconds.
  • The scraps recovering device conveys the exceeding dough in an appropriate tray located under the cutting device, making the dough recovery simple and fast.
  • With the by-pass table Croymat becomes a real bakery line. With different cutting rollers Croymat not only gives you many kinds of croissants but you can also have any kind of bakery product. The cutting-rollers can be customised.
  • It can be widely customised by adding an electric pump and guillotine, cutting rollers and dough folders beyond to a large range of other accessories.

The CROYMAT is available in the following models:

Net weightKg 600Kg 800Kg 900
Electr. absorpt.Kw 2.0Kw 2.5Kw 3.5
Voltage220/380 V.220/380 V.220/380 V.
On 3 rowsHourly production*1.800 pcs. from 80 to 100 g.3.600 pcs. from 80 to 100 g.4.500 pcs. from 80 to 100 g.
On 4 rows2.400 pcs. from 75 to 85 g.4.800 pcs. from 75 to 85 g.6.000 pcs. from 75 to 85 g.
On 5 rows3.000 pcs. from 45 to 65 g.6.000 pcs. from 45 to 65 g.7.500 pcs. from 45 to 65 g.
On 6 rows3.600 pcs. from 25 to 45 g.7.200 pcs. from 25 to 45 g.9.000 pcs. from 25 to 45 g.
On 7 rows4.200 pcs. from 12 to 25 g.8.400 pcs. from 12 to 25 g.10.500 pcs. from 12 to 25 g.

Brochure (tekno-stamap-croymat-3000-6000-10000.pdf, 1,221 Kb) [Download]

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