Salva NXD Modular Deck Oven

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Short Description

The Salva NXD modular oven range are recognised worldwide for their baking quality, flexibility and versatility. The new range boasts new features, programs and power saving qualities to help you bake better.

It seemed impossible to improve the modular oven, recognised worldwide for its baking quality, flexibility and versatility. Over 10 years of research by Salva's R&D team have taken the modular oven beyond excellence. Discover the new NXD's even lower power consumption. Utilising a Power master control System, the NXD is able to operate at 33% below nominal power whilst producing better baking results. The new control panel allows you to store up to 100 programs whilst the E-Future function gives you the opportunity to connect to the internet using any mobile device via Salva Link.

The NXD modular oven is equipped with flexibility in mind. Able to be installed with a inwards opening baking door, a patisserie door or a pizza door, the NXD is equiped and ready to face anything you throw at it. The high recovery steam generator, combined with the baking system using ceramic heating elements and the cement hearth, ensure exceptionally even baking and bread with a crusty base

Key features

  • World-wide recognition for baking quality, flexibility and versatility.
  • Guaranteed uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber.
  • Independent modules allow different type of products to be cooked in each module.
  • Energy efficient unique heat distribution system.
  • Capacity of 6 trays per deck, 16" and 18" x 29" (405 and 457mm x 740mm)
  • Capacity of 2.26m2 baking surface
  • On castors
  • Available in one to four decks - the benefit of being modular means you can add decks in the future
  • Independent modules allow different type of products to be cooked in each module
  • Optional Steam units and stone floor available to each deck
  • Optional Setter loader available
  • Optional Proover available
  • E-Advance Touch Control Panel
    • Programmable motorised draft.
    • 3 control zones: Opening-Ceiling-Floor.
    • Viewer for steam ready.
    • 100 programs.
    • ECO parameter (Auto power off).
    • ECU parameter (Maintains efficient temperature).

Above image shows 3 deck oven with Optional proover

Salva Modular Deck Oven (Salva_Modular-Deck_Oven20151109.pdf, 1,076 Kb) [Download]

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