Merand Armor ABS II Tradition Moulder

Merand Armor ABS II Tradition Moulder

The Merand ABS Moulder has been specifically desinged to consistently and efficiently produce perfect traditional and pointed end baguettes.

Key features

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  • Perfect for traditional and pointed-ended baguettes moulding
  • Merand system that prevents the dough from warming up
  • Thick woven wool moulding belts
  • Equipped with Merand Stretch system
  • Silent transmission line system
  • The Tradition version has all the functions of the ABS II model with, in addition, two patented and exclusive systems, Alveo+® & Pointop®
  • The lamination system Alveo+® allows you to get the same result as by hand with a highly hydrated dough
  • The Pointop system allows to mould automatically pointed ends baguettes
  • Designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning
  • It can mould dough pieces from 50gr to 1500gr, with an output of up to 2000 dough pieces/hour

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