Icetech PST LCD

Icetech PST LCD

The LCD Pasteurisers have been developed with technology that enables the operator to produce all kind of gelato mixes, with ease of use and hygienic safety a priority.

Key features

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  • Wide LCD touch screen monitor – to adjust and monitor all the machine functions.
  • Heat and cooling – with a “Bain Marie” system with glycol which allows to significantly reduce pasteurisation times as well as power and water consumption.
  • New stainless steel tank – total capacity up to 70 litres for the PST70 model and 130 litres for the PST130 model; its oval shape with moulded tilted bottom ensures full extraction of the product.
  • Automatic programs – for pasteurising the mixtures
  • Inverter Emulsifier – allows mixing and emulsifying all gelato bases, obtaining uniform fat particles and, therefore, a creamier, softer gelato, easier to scoop and to store in the gelato display.
  • Inverter stirrer system – The I.S.S. system i.e., the Mixer with variable speed inverter, allows programming various mixing speeds at the various temperatures both manually and automatically.
  • HACCP with “USB Key” system – A handy USB stick allows downloading all the data regarding the pasteurisation cycles carried out over the last week and storing them on your PC to keep all the process phases always under control.
  • D.A.T. (Diagnostic Automatic Temperature) – The machine is equipped with automatic diagnostic temperature control, which allows automatically controlling the gelato mixture temperature during every stage of the process. In the event of sudden power outage and upon restoration, the automatic system controls the temperature and the duration of the outage and then decides whether to automatically repeat the pasteurisation cycle accordingly.
  • New cover – very sturdy and fully transparent for better visual monitoring of the pasteurised mixture.
  • New ergonomic sill – made of stainless steel with non-slip mat to lay the bucket or other containers, thereby avoiding to lay them on the floor risking external contaminations.

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