Icetech MT Electrical

Icetech MT Electrical

The Icetech MT models are filled with technology that enables the operator to produce all kinds of mixes, such as fruit based or cream based gelato.

Key features

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  • Maximum reliability
  • User friendliness
  • Fully compliance with the strictest hygienic and sanitary standards
  • Excellent structure of the ice-cream that is always creamy and dry
  • Extremely low water and current consumption
  • New interface allows adjusting and monitoring every stage of machine operation
  • Equipped with automatic active control
  • Control the consistency of the gelato in real time and at any moment even while freezing, adjusting and changing the gelato consistency and creaminess
  • New energy saving functionality
  • Various automatic programs
  • Fitted with over run adjustment
  • Automatic diagnostic control
  • Produce between 30 – 95kg per hour (Model dependent)
  • NEW MT XL AVAILABLE (Pasteurise up to 200 L per cycle)

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View product brochure