Icetech 3-in-1 Genyo LCD INV

Icetech 3-in-1 Genyo LCD INV

Designed to produce artisan quality gelato in a significantly reduced amount of time, the Icetech 3 in 1 Genyo is ideal for those who want to work efficiently and consistently.

Key features

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  • Produce extremely high quality and consistent gelato
  • Overrun technology
  • Upper heating and mixing tank
  • Lower cooling and freezing cylinder
  • Both operate independently and allow for continuous production
  • LCD touch screen
  • Equipped with a range of automatic programs
  • Automatic active control system monitors the creaminess and consistency in real time
  • Energy saving capabilities
  • Automatic diagnostic control
  • Available in 4 size capacities ranging from 30 – 95kg per hour

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