Icetech cream plus

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Short Description

The Icetech Cream plus is specifically designed as a multi purpose gelato or confectianriy creater that utilises modern technology and efficiency to produce amazing results.

The Cream Plus, manufactured in four versions, 3-4-5-7, is a real jewel for gelato and confectioner's industry since it is manufactured by making use of the most modern mechanical, cooling and electronic technologies at the operator's disposal.The machine is intended to heat and cool by means of a "bain-marie" system with glycol in the upper tank, thus enabling the operator to avoid any type of encrustation and to prepare gelato mixtures, delicious pastry creams (on the basis of an intermittent stirring system), extremely good jams, invert sugar and to distemper chocolate.

In the whipping chamber, the machine acts as a normal batch freezer of the ICETECH range operating on the basis of the most modern technologies in order to prepare the best unbelievably dry gelato having proper consistency as well as optimal performance and quality.

Key features

This CREAM PLUS unit is available in the models listed below:

Hourly Production Kg.10/3015/4520/6540/95
Upper tank capacitymin lt 2 /max lt 14min lt 2 /max lt 14min lt 2 /max lt 14min lt 2 /max lt 14
Absorbed Power Kw9,39,81012
Electrical Features400V 50Hz 3Ph400V 50Hz 3Ph400V 50Hz 3Ph400V 50Hz 3Ph
Refrigerating gasR404AR404AR404AR404A
Sizes (mm)535x715x1400535x715x1400535x715x1400535x915x1400
Weight Kg.260290290340

BROCHURE (Frigelo_gelo_cream_plus.pdf, 184 Kb) [Download]