Icetech Cream Plus Touch Screen

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Short Description

The Icetech Cream Plus Touch Screen is specifically designed as a multi purpose gelato or confectianriy creater that utilises its touch screen technology to preset recipes to produce amazing results time after time.

The upper tank of the Cream Plus Touch Screen operates as a true Crema Mix water-bath with glycol cream cooker that heats and cools the mixtures in an independent way from the freezing chamber. Via the touch screen, the operator can choose between 17 preset recipes that can be modified, and can create 3 more custom recipes.

Key features

Every recipe is made up of 12 phases and, for each one, the following can be adjusted:

  • THE SPEED of the stirrer/scraper.
  • THE TEMPERATURES to be reached during the heating, cooling, maintenance and preservation
  • phases.

  • THE HEATING OR COOLING POWER to reach a HARD, MEDIUM or SOFT cook or chill.
  • The upper tank operates independently from the freezing chamber. The operator starts the freezing procedure, after having poured the pasteurised mixture from the upper tank to the lower chamber using the external tap.

    The revolutionary TOUCH SCREEN allows various functions, among which:

  • Through an appropriate button on the screen, the lightness of your gelato can be displayed and adjusted as you wish together with its VOLUME INCREASE

  • Through two appropriate buttons on the screen, the gelato consistency can be displayed and adjusted so as to have a soft and creamy product with the perfect texture that can be easily scooped. A specific process of the machine allows making the REAL and soft SICILIAN GRANITA

  • The operator can monitor the phases and the progress of the gelato at any time. In case an error, the machine will indicate it to the operator together with the troubleshooting instructions in 5 languages

    The Cream Plus Touch Screen is available in 4 models/sizes: Cream Plus TS TP3 – hourly production 10/30kg, Cream Plus TS TP4 – hourly production 15/45kg, Cream Plus TS TP5 - hourly production 20/65kg, Cream Plus TS TP7 - hourly production 40/90kg

    BROCHURE (Frigo_Gelo_cream_plus_touch.pdf, 181 Kb) [Download]