Icetech 3-IN-1

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Short Description

Designed to produce artisan quality ice cream in a significantly reduced amount of time, the Icetech 3 in 1 is ideal for those who want to work efficiently and consistently.

The upper pasteurising and mixing tank and the lower cooling and whipping cylinder can work autonomously and guarantee a continuous cycle production without dead times. Made of top quality materials, it is the ideal machine for those who do not want to renounce the artisan ice-cream quality even if the space available is reduced. Processing phases are described in details here below:

Key features

• HEATING: The process of the heating mixture is completely controlled by an electronic control that allows the uniform heating up to the high-temperature of pasteurization (+ 85 ° C settable) or low (+ 65 ° C settable). The "BAIN-MARIE" heating system with glycolate liquid, removes all encrusted problems and mixture burns.

• COOLING: The cooling process will occur after the heating one, i.e. when the electronic system warns by means of a sound signal that the mixture has reached +85°C or +65°C.

• WHIPPING: After having poured the mixture into the whipping chamber by means of the boiler cock, the operator will start the whipping process that is automatically controlled by a microprocessor. Just as in our new MT 3/4/5/7 batch freezers, the electronic central unit will also include the "GRANITA".

The 3-IN-1 is available in 4 models/sizes, with Touch Screen control Panel as an option: TP3 – hourly production 10/30kg, TP4 – hourly production 15/45kg, TP5 - hourly production 20/65kg, TP7 - hourly production 40/90kg

BROCHURE (Frigo_Gelo_3IN1_.pdf, 181 Kb) [Download]