Icetech Crema Mix 35/60

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Short Description

The Icetech Crema Mix 35/60 utilises modern technology with it's recipe storing touchscreen and it's newly designed heating/cooling system by Icetech, to produce quick results in small time parameters without compromising on quality.

Icetech's Crema Mix 35 and Cream Mix 60 are the latest developments in Icetech's range. it is a multifunction water bath with Glycol cream cooker with a maximum temperature range up to 140 degrees C and is able to meet the requirements of the most discerning Pastry Chef. The touch screen has the capacity to store up to 20 different recipes with each recipe having the capacity for 12 phases.

For each phase the following can be adjusted: the speed of the stirrer/scraper and the temperatures reached during heating, cooling, maintenance and preservation phases the heating or cooling power to reach Hard, Soft or Medium cook or chill.

The touch screen's extreme ease of use allows an elastic scheduling so as to perfectly carry out any recipe. The huge outlet of the product, the ergonomics of the controls and the simple washing/cleaning and sanitation phases, make CREMA MIX a unique and so far the most cutting edge and complete cream cooker on the market.

Key features

• WATER-BATH heating and cooling system.

• Control of the temperatures via pc with TOUCH SCREEN system.

• Control and adjustment of 10 stirrer speed levels through INVERTER system.

• Low water and electric power consumption.

• Special stirrer made to allow the best mixture of both liquid and doughy recipes.

• Made of food grade material, every part can be dismantled and washed.