Icetech TNM Ageing Vats

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Short Description

The Icetech TNM has been designed to preserve and mature ice cream bases by holding them at a constant temperature using Icetech's latest cooling technology.

Icetech ageing vats preserve and mature ice-cream bases while keeping the temperature constant at +4°C. The modern cooling system will enable the mixture to keep and mature perfectly, thus avoiding any encrustation on the tank.

Key features

  • The "abatement" function is a great novelty in Icetech ageing vats since it will enable you to pour the mixture at +85°C and to abate it up to +4° in a very short period of time.
  • In doing so, the ageing vat acts as a blast chiller can replace the pasteuriser during the cooling phase, thus providing for its re-utilisation for a new pasteurisation cycle.
  • The complete disassembly of the steel parts coming in contact with the mixture will make cleaning easy.
  • The new electronic card will enable you to stir the mixture either continuously or intermittently.
  • ICETECH ageing vats are available in two sizes /models - TNM 60+60lt and TNM 120+120lt
  • Both versions are equipped with two rectangular tanks, the functions of which can be set independently of each other