Stoppil Pannification - Water Meters and Water Chillers

The original company SNE Luce was established in 1947 in northern France by Yves Luce as an engineering and fabrication company. In 1955 Yves Luce developed the first water meter for the bakery industry and three years later had developed the first dosing and packaging line for various types of liquids. In 1973 Yves was joined by his son Christian and the company became known as Stoppil.

Stoppil's specialty lies with dosing and packaging of liquids of differing viscosities for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.
Today the company is split into two departments; the smaller one for the bakery industry and the larger department for the packaging industry.
Our partnership with Stoppil dates back to 1980 and they are one of our founding suppliers.

The Stoppil bakery range includes:
• Electronic Water Meters
• Water Chillers