Merand - Dough Dividing, Dough Resting and Dough Moulding Machines

Since 1954, MÉRAND Mécapâte, which specialises in dough processing, has been designing and manufacturing machines which are modern, can be upgraded and are functional and easy to clean.

And now, nearly 50 years later, bakers are gaining in efficiency whilst respecting the dough making process and their job. At all stages in the process they can be sure to produce a real quality bread.

Pascal Gerard, Chairman of the Holding company has been carrying out responsibilities in MERAND for more than 40 years. He took over the company in 1993, with his son Yannick. Up until the end of 1997, 3 activities co-existed within just one company. For commercial strategy reasons connected with quite distinct markets and geographic zones; the company formed 3 subsidiaries

January 1998:

MERAND Mécapâte S.A.: manufacture of machines for bakeries. MERCURIAL Mérand SARL: designer and manufacturer of furniture and displays for bakeries and pastry shops. MERANPRO Ouest SARL: bakery equipment dealer in West France.

The Merand agency has been our most recent acquisition, and developed following arequest from Bakers Delight Holdings.

Merand produce machines for three key areas: dough dividing, dough resting and dough moulding.