Janssen - Cookie Machines

The Company Niederrheinische Formenfabrik GERH. JANSSEN & SOHN was founded in the year 1872 and the 4th generation is now running the company, still in Krefeld, near Düsseldorf. In the early days the owner rode from bakery to bakery and from farm to farm in his horse and cart to sell the wooden models to bake Spekulatius, a speciality of the region. Spekulatius is still baked traditionally by most of the bakers today in the north and west of Germany, in the Netherlands and Belgium. The methods of production have changed and improved. The first cookie machines were developed and built in our company about 70 years ago. Modern computerized machines help the baker to produce his cookies today. Cookie-machines made in stainless steel are made today by specialised craftsmen. Our customers are small and medium sized bakeries and confectioners. The capacity of the machines is between 30 and 500 kg per hour, depending on the shape of the cookies. To achieve this, there is a need for sophisticated and proven concepts. Our long years of experience and the cooperation with customers from all over

Whether you want to form thin butter cookies, fine tea-cake, Spekulatius, Printen, Lebkuchen, almond tartlets, lattice works or ginger bread cookies, the machines do it all.