Fortuna - Bun Dividers

The original Maschinenfabrik Edmund Schröder company, the manufacturer of the famous Fortuna Bun Divider, was founded in Germany in 1887 as a specialist manufacturer of machines to produce bread rolls. The first Fortuna Bun Divider was produced in 1952 and is still the design in use and running off the production line today.

To date nearly 25,000 Fortuna Bun Divider's have been produced and exported to all parts of the world. The company produces machines to suit from the artisan bakery through to automatic lines producing 18,000 rolls per hour.

Vanrooy is the highest selling dealer in the world for the Fortuna Semi-Automat Bun Divider. Our partnership with Fortuna dates back to 1981 through an exclusive agency agreement signed by Wolfgang Schroder and John Van Rooy. Back in 1981, the Fortuna Bun Divider was the best on the market and that suited our philosophy perfectly. And today, the same Fortuna Bun Divider is still regarded as the best in the world and is a very important and prestigious agency in out portfolio.