Escher - Spiral Mixers and Bowl Elevators

Escher Mixers was established by the Berto family, a group with over 30 years experience in the bread making industry. The company specialises in manufacturing machinery for mixing and kneading dough for small businesses through to large-scale industry. Escher Mixers is a dynamic company which is constantly researching new mechanical and design solutions for their particular products, with the aim of providing a broader range of perfectly designed and finished machinery and accessories.

Escher Mixers are manufactured in Italy and are highly regarded world wide for their engineering quality and dough making quality. Escher Mixers develop the dough quickly but gently and with minimal heat generation. The unique Premium Drive System (optional across the range) is designed for intensive use and for stiff dough's. Heavy duty chassis plate ensures reliability and long service. Many options are available including fully stainless steel machines and touch screen controls.

Our partnership with Escher Mixers started in 2001 after the demise of our original spiral dough mixer manufacturer Scledensi. The Scledensi company founder, Piero Donadelli closed his company down due to ill health and made the introduction between us and Escher Mixers. Both companies were in the same town of Schio in northern Italy and were competitors but with a strong mutual respect so it was a natural progression for us to move to Escher Mixers.

Product range includes:

  • M & M Premium Spiral Dough Mixer with fixed bowl
  • MT Series Spiral Dough Mixers tipping to bench height or divider height
  • MR Professional Series Spiral Dough Mixers with removable bowls