Comtec- Pie and Tart Presses

Labor saving Comtec crust formers solve production problems everyday in 22 countries around the globe. Bakeries, restaurants, hotels, casinos, banquet halls, cruise ships, university and institutional cafeterias know the benefits of using Comtec equipment.

To produce finished crust all you need is a mixer and a Comtec machine. No scrap dough to recover. No longer will you need a sheeter, rolling pin, nor dusting flour.

Comtec dies form dough in rings as well as scalloped, rectangular, square, heart-shaped, and boat-shaped and round containers made of paper, plastic, silicone, foil and steel.

We can typically make a die for most well made containers that will fit between the columns on our machines.

Comtec has manufactured the best dough formers in the industry since 1968. In addition, Comtec sells top-quality pie, tart, and cake pans, pie crimpers, and other specialty crust forming equipment.

Comtec. The perfect crust without the fuss since 1968.