Chocolate World - Chocolate Production Machines

Chocolate World's chocolate processing machines are all manufactured in Antwerp, Belgium.

For 30 years, Chocolate World has offered complete solutions for the artisanal chocolate market, sharing their knowledge and listening to your valuable ideas and expectations.

In 2008, Chocolate World started a partnership with Hacos, a Belgian company with more than 40 years of experience in the construction of industrial chocolate machinery. The combination of their capabilities in the artisanal market and Hacos' expertise in machinery construction creates high-quality,user-friendly machines. Together we design and produce tempering machines, cooling tunnels, melting tanks, mini moulding lines and chocolate tanks.

One of their motivations is to introduce the technological possibilities of the traditional chocolate industry. For maximum result, their engineers

developed methods to convert industrial systems into artisanal solutions. User friendliness and usability are the main focus in the design of the machines.

Product range includes:

  • Automatic Tempering Machines
  • Panning Machines
  • Chocolate Heating, Cooling and Spraying Cabinets
  • Chocolate Moulds and Accessories