Braylx - Forming, Filling, Cutting, Stamping and Depositing Machines

Established in Brazil in 1993, Bralyx designs and manufactures the best machines for Coxinha, Fresh Pasta, Confectionery, Sweet and Savory finger food.

Pioneer in the creation of machines for Coxinha, the company manufactures cutting-edge technology, bold designed and user-friendly equipment that can provide new paths to your business or inspire you to create one.

Bralyx' industrial production is based on the outsourcing/aggregator idea, which allows the selection of highly specialized partners to assure the quality of the products and dedicate to innovation, projects improvement and pre and after-sales assistance, attending from small to large companies.

Whatever your choice, be sure that Bralyx has the most efficient and modern machines, assembled with the latest techniques in the world.

Product range includes:

  • Forming and Filling machines
  • Cutting and Stamping Machines
  • Depositing Machines