Bertuetti - Dough Divider and Moulders

Bertuetti was founded in Brescia in 1930. The Bertuetti name became famous the world over as the name of the firm that introduced the bread making machines which came to be known as "moulders". The advent of the dough moulder revolutionized work methods, simplifying a process that had at that time been manual. As work processes became faster, the need of a system for precise weighing and cutting came up: the "divider". The "dough divider-moulder" combination was the foundation on which automatic integrated machines were created.

Exhaustive research combined with the development of new mechanical techniques and invaluable suggestions from "master bakers" were the ingredients of the earliest successes of the Bertuetti machines.

Recently with a new modern and functional factory, Bertuetti increased their R&D investments with Customer Care Management bringing out the bread-making art.

The techniques are realized heeding Master-baker's advice to meet every market need, bringing out the Customer's creativeness. In this way the last innovation born was defined Universal® because it puts together all signals met with the Customers.

Universal is a dividing system right for every kind of dough and to obtain every shape required, also ciabatta, with a lot of humidity and leavened dough.

Today Bertuetti is a world leader in bread-making machines.

Our relationship with Bertuetti dates back to 1980. This partnership is very important to us as it allows us to introduce the new stress free dividing technology to the Australian market.
The Bertuetti range includes:

• Automatic Dough Dividers for all dough types
• Volumetric Dough Dividers
• Intermediate Proovers
• Dough Moulders