Bakon - Depositors, Glazing and Cutting Machines

Established in 1986, Bakon have been designing and manufacturing custom-built dosing, cutting and spraying machines in the Netherlands, where quality, design and efficiency come first.

Bakon manufactures the finest quality equipment specially designed for not only the industrial, but the retail and small confectioners with technology focused on the optimization of the production process. The quality machines of Bakon are highly efficient and easy to operate, and machines are designed to produce non-stop with several product changes. This requires solid heavy duty machines and innovative computer technology. Before any of the machines are shipped, they are thoroughly tested and checked and all equipment leaves Bakon with a certificate of conformity.

Product range includes:

•Cutting and Slicing Machines

•Spraying and Glazing Machines

•Complete Production lines

•Depositing Machine

•Cream Whipping Machine