Agriflex - Flour Silo Systems, Bulk Bag Systems and Liquid Levain Machines

Agriflex designs and constructs automated industrial plants for the inventory, conveying and the dosage of raw materials in powdered, solid and liquid forms. In other words, all of the products which are necessary for the production of food, pharmaceutical and chemical products.

For more than 30 years Agriflex has been an active presence in the inventory and bulk materials handling industry and has a vast commercial network able to reach any part of the world.

The primary focus for our market has concentrated on the internal fabric flour silo and dosage systems up to 35t capacity. The silo or bulk bag system can be used for various types of flour, sugar, salt, milk powder etc. Our relationship with Agriflex started in 1997 with the installation of a flour silo and dosing system to Browns Bakery in Windsor.

The Agriflex range includes:
• Flour Silo Systems

• Bulk Bag Systems
• Liquid Levain Machines
• Micro Ingredients Dosing Systems Fabric