Tekno Stamap C Line 20lt

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Short Description

The Tekno Stamp C-Line of Planetary mixers come in a range of sizes and capacity to meet all your production needs.

The C-Line 10/20/40/60 Planetary Mixers were specifically designed with reliably and constancy in mind. Not only attractively priced, but the machines require minimal to no maintenance. The design and features of the C-LINE Series Planetary Mixers allow one to carry out very precise work cycles.

One of the main features contributing to precise operation is the simple Control Panel. The panel allows the operator to control mixing time and speed. Use of the various mixing utensils, which are easily and quickly changed, gua- rantee gentle, gradual and homogenous mixing. All these features make the C-Line 10/20/40/60 Planetary Mixers ideal to whip (i.e. mousse and creams) and also to mix small quantities of dough.

Key features

  • Manual bowl lift with easy handle
  • Bench mounted
  • Bowl guard
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • 3 tools – beater, whisk & spiral
  • Variable speed
  • Option of 10lt Bowl Reduction Kit
  • 20lt capacity
  • Timer
  • Dimensions: 450 x 660 x 815mm
  • Available in Bench or Floor Model

Brochure (tekno-stamap-c-line-planetary-mixer.pdf, 1,041 Kb) [Download]

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