Escher MR Professional Series - MRPro80 to MRPro500

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Short Description

The Escher MR Professional Series is the new line of removable bowl spiral mixers that maintain the high quality principles and levels of our mixing Escher are renowned for but introducing important new high tech solutions.

This new line of removable bowl spiral mixers, while maintaining the high quality principles and levels of our mixing system, introduce important new high tech solutions. The following features have been improved: the bowl motion system, the bowl locking system, Professional line, the head motion and closing system, and the design of the frame and of the trolley

Our objective in developing the MR line was to create robust, compact mixers conceived for intensive use, suitable for all dough types, that did not require adjustments or maintenance over the years.

Key features

  • Taper bowl locking and motion system is technically superior to the traditional systems as it utilizes a taper coupling to join the machine and the trolley. The trolley is locked by a means of a taper shaft that, as it ascends, centres the bowl and moves it into the working position.
  • The hydraulically controlled cone engages under the bowl, maintain constant pressure during use eliminating any possibility of slippage or wear.
  • Taper shaft guarantees a constant number of bowl revolutions and is noiseless and free of mechanical play.
  • Perfect for all dough
  • Premium Drive System designed for intense use.Heavy Duty construction.
  • Two speeds with automatic dial timers.
  • Auto reversing bowl.
  • Dough Capacity Range - 80kg, 120kg, 160kg, 200kg, 240kg, 300kg, 350kg, 400kg, 500kg

Brochure 1 (escher_mixers_mr_professional_line.pdf, 1,008 Kb) [Download]

Brochure 3 (eschermixers-mr_professional_350-500.pdf, 653 Kb) [Download]

Premium (mr-premium_drive_system-escher_mr_professional_removable_bowl_mixers.pdf, 194 Kb) [Download]

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