Tekno Stamap DIVE 2 Arm IBT Mixers

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Short Description

The Tekno Stamp Dive is a 2 arm mixer that utilises modern technology combined with durability to continue to deliver consistency time after time.

DIVE series of mixers with plunging arms is the result of continuous research into the best technology available for both materials and components. Gears are housed in a cast iron structure which means greater structural rigidity than the classic electric welded steel structures. Mechanical parts and gears work in an oil bath, which guarantees extreme quietness and a long life.

Key features

  • Plunging arms are equipped with PED accident-prevention guards that have a very high mechanical resistance reducing flour dust etc and are made of cast aluminium, while the mixing tools are made of 316L stainless steel.
  • Bowl is made of very thick stainless steel that has been metal spun, and has a reinforced base to support all the mechanical stress generated during mixing.
  • Tools can be adjusted in height thanks to a flywheel, an essential characteristic when mixing certain products, for example panettone.
  • When the mixer is stopped, a mechanical device ensures that the arms always stop in the upper position, which makes it easier for the operator to empty the bowl.
  • The DIVE 2 arm mixer is suitable for high-hydration dough used to make French bread, toasting loaves, and breadsticks for example, dough that is used to make croissants, panettone, and brioches.
  • Available in a variable speed model - IBT W and 2 Speed model IBT 2V
  • Capacity range available from 40kg dough weight to 90kg dough weight

Brochures (Tekno_Stamap_TABLETTE_2016.pdf, 1,139 Kb) [Download]

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