Cyclothermic Ovens

Salva Magma ovens are cyclothermic ovens that work through radiant panels and are designed to satisfy the rustic bread-baking standards of the most demanding traditional baker. Cyclothermic ovens use air as a heat-carrying fluid. The air is heated in the combustion chamber and is circulated through each of the radiant panels that comprise the oven. This hot air provides the full temperature required for baking to the radiant panel. The panel irradiates the heat to the sole, which is deposited on it, or to the tray rack. Baking is static, as the air never comes into contact with the product.

This system makes it possible to ensure that all the heat is distributed evenly, which leads to a high-quality product in terms of colour, texture and taste.

Features of the Salva Magma Oven include:

  • Rapid loading & unloading both manually and fully automatic
  • Stone sole deck baking, powerful steam,
  • Space saving - high volume baking on smaller m2 footprint
  • Greater flexibility due to the multi-door system, reduced manual handling
  • Versatile - enables all kinds of breads and pastries to be baked
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Air flow regulation at each level

There are three versions of Salva Magma Ovens available: multi doors with stone floors, single door with stone floors or a model for trays

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